When a Deployment is in Your Future.

No one is Happy about an Upcoming Deployment

The new year is upon us and with that comes the promise of the future. We have so many things we’d like to accomplish, so many fun things we’d like to do, so many ways we liked to grow and change and challenge ourselves. The potential is endless. Then we remember that deployment is in our future and the excitement seems to disappear and is replaced with sadness and fear we don’t know what this deployment is going to hold. We start missing our spouse ahead of time, thinking of all the things that he is going to miss out on. All the things we’ll have to do alone. How our children are going to handle the deployment, will they handle Dad being gone?You will get through. You will find the strength it is inside of you. I have gone through 8 deployments each has come with its own challenges and blessings. As I get ready for our 9th deployment I am choosing to enjoy every minute I can with my spouse. We are going on dates and planning for the future. When I feel stressed or sad about him leaving I give myself the freedom to allow those feelings and don’t make it mean anything about me or him I am human having a human experience. Some things I have learned to make deployments easier are

  1. Don’t miss him ahead of time when he is there love on him.
  2. It is okay to feel all the emotions, allow them, and move on.
  3. Ask for help I know it can be hard but people want to help.
  4. Find ways to serve others.
  5. Find a life coach! One of the best things I ever did. Pick me!!

I am here to help. I understand how hard military life can be. I use to make it harder on myself by the things I was choosing to believe. Know I question everything and I choose what I want to think and feel and my life has improved. I went from surviving to thriving. I have helped dozens of other military spouses learn to thrive. I would love to help you too. Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation by clicking here You too can go from surviving to thriving.

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