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From 2020 to 2021

In many languages the month January is named after the Roman god Janus, who often was depicted with two faces—one looking back on the past, one looking forward to the future. Reflecting on 2020 I am remind of the trials and joys that my family was able to experience and the lessons we learned.  Spencer’s

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When a Deployment is in Your Future.

No one is Happy about an Upcoming Deployment The new year is upon us and with that comes the promise of the future. We have so many things we’d like to accomplish, so many fun things we’d like to do, so many ways we liked to grow and change and challenge ourselves. The potential is

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Lasting Connection with your Spouse

We all get married believing we are going to have the Happily Every After we always dreamed of. However, everywhere you look couples are breaking up. In the military, with all of the training, deployments, and long hours it seems that more couples end in divorce than those who make it. What is the difference?

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The Perfect Home

As a military spouse, I am always dreaming about the perfect house. We move to a new place and make it a home for a few years, but the dream is always out there–that the perfect house might be at the next duty station. However, I have learned to love each house my family and

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When Your Friends PCS

“Truly great friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. ” -G. Randolf  Military spouses would agree finding new friends every few years can be hard and once you find them you don’t want to let them go. However, that is a part of military life always saying goodbye. Your friends

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This past deployment and homecoming were different than anything I was expecting. This was our first deployment with Dillon out of the home. I didn’t realize how much I lean on him while Spencer is gone. Dillon truly becomes my right-hand man. He helped with everything from driving kids around, maintenance man, snow blower, you

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Hi there! I’m Maria. I am a Certified Life Coach, a mother to 6, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a military spouse doing my best to thrive each and every day. I get the honor of helping military wives live their perfectly imperfect lives. To work with me click the button below. 

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