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Love doesn’t mean you will always agree, see eye to eye, or never have an argument. It means despite the bad days you still can’t see yourself without that person. 

Maria Strange

BA in Psychology and Military Resilience
Certified Life Coach

Living the military life for over 19 years Maria has learned that to thrive you have to learn to roll with the punches. In her coaching practice, she works with military wives helping them learn to love their perfectly imperfect military and everyday lives. Maria host a weekly podcast "When Military Life Gets Strange" where she shares tips for not just surviving but thriving.

Sam Woolf
BA Family Life Science

After 9 years as a military spouse Sam launched her podcast "Life of a Military Wife" to help other spouses navigate military life and explain the military experience to those outside of the military community. During this time she and her kids confronted basic training, a deployment, a hardship tour and many others military separations from her husband. She has been the President of the women's organization for her military congregation. At each duty station she has eagerly searched for ways to assist new military spouses with their transition to military life. Sam's schooling focused on human development, family and interpersonal relationships.
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