The Perfect Home

As a military spouse, I am always dreaming about the perfect house. We move to a new place and make it a home for a few years, but the dream is always out there–that the perfect house might be at the next duty station. However, I have learned to love each house my family and I live in and to have that be the perfect home for us. That might seem crazy, but I get to choose that its the perfect home. What makes it perfect is that it keeps my family safe and warm, and it’s a barrier between us and the outside world. My family knows they can leave the world outside; inside is safety and peace. They can be who they are without judgment.

However, that wasn’t always the case. I remember when I used to hate my house and was always complaining that it wasn’t enough. To me, it felt as if there was always tension, and that nothing was good enough. Then I learned that I get to choose what I think and believe. I choose to believe that wherever we live is the prefect place for us at that time. As I have done this I have seen peace come into our lives that wasn’t there before. I have seen my children open up and enjoy life more. I have seen my husband feel a sense of calmness. To me, that makes my house the perfect place. 

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