Empowering wives to navigate change with grace and confidence!

Have you forgotten who you are?


Are you checking all the boxes but still feel like something is missing?


What steps can you take to rediscover your  passions and interests?


Are you wondering what’s next?


Are you meeting everyone’s needs but your own?


Do you ever think there has to be more to life than this?

Then you are in the right place. I can help you find your purpose.

I help you discover who you are and who you want to be.


I will help you love your perfectly imperfecteveryday life.

Hi there! I’m Maria. I am a Certified Life Coach, a mother to 6, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am doing my best to thrive each and every day. I get the honor of helping  wives love their perfectly imperfect military lives. To learn more about me and my story click the button below. 

Women like you don't happen often,
never forget how rare you are.

What Working With Me Looks Like

Manage your mindset

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You can believe you are not your circumstance, you are not defined by the military. You get to choose your life, and you are meant to live a big wonderful life. 

Take Action

Take action from a place of empowerment that brings you clarity which ultimately leads to incredible growth. 

Amazing Results

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Imagine accomplishing things that you thought were impossible, experiencing transformation, and becoming the creator of your life.

My Happy Clients!

Maria is totally awesome to connect with! She is both a great leader– helping me generate energy for what I want — and a great coach — giving me space to explore my thoughts and understand how to examine them. Thank you!


Leslie N.

Maria is absolutely amazing and has helped change my life and mindset for the better. Before I met her I felt like I was bursting at the seams. I had too much on my plate. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be anymore. Nothing about my life has changed. I still work the same job. I do the same activities. In fact, I do more activities now than I did before. The only difference has come from my mindset. Talking to Maria and talking out my problems and looking at them from not only a different perspective but a brighter better one, has blessed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I am so grateful to her. If you feel like you’re capable of doing better but feel trapped, she is going to be able to help you just like she helped me.


Lizzy W.

I’d heard about life coaching and I was curious and wanted to try it out. But, just like anyone, I had many barriers and excuses as to why I hadn’t scheduled with Maria yet. Then she called me and asked me if I wanted to do it and I gave her my excuses. About 60 seconds later, all of my barriers were down and my excuses were invalid. She made it so easy for me to say what I’d already been wanting to say: “Yes!” In a matter of weeks, she’d helped me work through several of the unhealthy mind games I was playing with myself and simply helped me become a happier and more productive person. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and makes me feel like I can just be myself around her. I definitely recommend life coaching. But I recommend Maria as your life coach even more. 


Carly L.

Wonderful Wednesday

Tips for loving your perfectly imperfect military and everyday life.